THE NORTHERN RHODE ISLAND REACT, is a nonprofit organization chartered as team (C-102) by REACT International to provide emergency communications in the public interest. It is qualified as a charity under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. We have been in existence since 1962 serving the residents of Northern Rhode Island.

Northern RI REACT and North Smithfield EMA in Action Clean & Green Day



An introduction to Ham Radio Classes will be offered Thursday July 13th from 7:00 9:00 PM at the North Smithfield Emergency Management Office at 575 Smithfield Road, North Smithfield, RI. If Interested please call (401) 767-2206 or send an E-Mail to               

REACT Objectives

To assist in any emergency by using Citizens Band, General Mobile Radio Service Radios, Land Mobile Radio, Amateur Radio (HAM) and Family Radio Service (FRS) to furnish communications in cooperation with authorities and other volunteer organizations.

To practice and encourage operating excellence through skilled communications techniques.

To maintain equipment at peak efficiency and operate in accordance with all governmental regulations.

To advise the public on correct, effective use of CB Emergency Channel 9 and Amateur Radio(HAM)

Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)





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